We are offering you a very exciting opportunity to make your own Stroopwafel. We will teach you step by step how to make your own Stroopwafel.

About our Stroopwafel Workshop

If you're interested in the most tastiest Workshop in Manila please leave us a message.

Stroopwafel Workshop

Are you looking for an active, fun and exciting time with your friends or colleagues? Bakery Bakery is here to provide you this opportunity. Our company in San Mateo Rizal not only sells delicious Stroopwafels all over the Philippines but also offers Stroopwafel Workshops in Metro Manila.

Varied workshop

If you want to do something varied, something different than normal, then our Stroopwafel Workshop is definitely for you.

We will start with the introduction of the history of Stroopwafel, the main ingredients and how the dough and syrup are deliciously made. The most exciting part is the baking. You can try it out by your hands at baking and make your own Stroopwafel. Have a taste of the traditional Stroopwafel made by you!

Host your own workshop

If you are interested in doing a Team Building Stroopwafel workshop with your company, please contact us for any possibilities. You can have your team members make their own dough and syrup and let your boss decide the winner for the best Stroopwafel.

Contact us if you are interested.

Bake your own Stroopwafel
Team Building
Informative and creative
Flexible for you needs
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Maki B.
“The Dutch Stroopwafel is delicious and you’ll really fall in love with it at first bite.”
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Jett M.
“Stroopwafels are delicious and will go nicely with tea or coffee on an afternoon break.”
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Jake L. Marshall
“These waffles are really great! Every crunchy bite is just addictive!”