Do you have a nice event, like an anniversary, birthday or maybe a business party, rent our Stroopwafel stall to make the event unforgettable.

About renting a stroopwafel stall

Give all your invitee’s the possibilities to taste the delicious taste of the Dutch Stroopwafel

Stroopwafel stall

If you are having an event, we provide you an unforgettable experience for all your guests. Do you have a birthday party, wedding, anniversary or maybe a business party, rent our Stroopwafel stall, and let all your guests taste the delicious taste of the typical Dutch Stroopwafel. The Stroopwafel will be unforgettable for young and old.
Are you organizing a party, just give us a message. We will listen to all your requirements and we will make you a customized offer. Don’t have to worry anymore, we will build our stall before the event will start, and brake down our own stall without leaving any mess. Our offer is inclusive of all costs and for sure hassle and worry free. We will guarantee for an unforgettable taste sensation. Contact us for your requirements.

Unforgettable taste sensation
We arrange everything
Fresh baked Stroopwafels
For young and old
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Jett M.
“Stroopwafels are delicious and will go nicely with tea or coffee on an afternoon break.”
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Maki B.
“The Dutch Stroopwafel is delicious and you’ll really fall in love with it at first bite.”
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Jake Marshall
“These waffles are really great! Every crunchy bite is just addictive!”